HALE UAV Applications and Value

The PHASA-35 HALE UAV provides clear value to several military, civil, and commercial applications.


Prismatic links the global coverage of satellites with the persistent regional coverage of HALE UAV and the close, high resolution of long endurance electric UAVs to provide a powerful and flexible concept of operations.


Small satellites and the regional and local coverage of HALE and LALE UAVs provide the low cost, rapidly deployable flexibility absent from current Geo-stationary communication satellites.

Remote Sensing and Resource Management


Using solar power with no emissions and no need to launch, recover or operate in sensitive environments, Prismatic solar-electric UAVs and satellites are the ideal platform for undertaking environmental monitoring.

Disaster Support

Rapidly deployable to augment satellite systems, solar electric UAVs provide sustainable means of providing information and communications in areas without infrastructure.

Forest Fire Early Warning

Wide area surveillance to identify early fire indicators to close, long term monitoring to support fire fighters.

Agriculture Yield Enhancement

With high resolution, multi-spectral imaging long endurance UAVs and satellites provides the quality, coverage and timeliness of imagery required by intensive precision farming.

Imaging and communications.

When you need it.

Where you need it.