A new design of solar powered High Altitude, Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (HALE UAV), making the best use of Prismatic’s World leading experience and the latest advances in battery and solar cell technology to provide low-cost,  ultra-persistent service for defence, security, resource management and communications. 
The PHASA-35 UAV is a design registered to Prismatic Ltd. (UK 6012325)

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A low cost, rapid schedule, accurate vehicle to test HALE technologies, applications and operations.

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High efficiency, low observability long duration UAV for quiet, unobtrusive monitoring and support. Using Prismatic’s experience of high efficiency solar-electric UAVs, LASA-5 can provide day long operation and remote operation to minimise observer impact.
The LASA-5 is a design registered to Prismatic Ltd. (UK 6012326)

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The tool to assess availability of solar powered HALE vehicles for any location at any time of year.

Persistent HALE operations require that the vehicle always stays above the high speed winds of the Troposphere but the power to fly higher is greater so the availability of the service is very dependent on the exact location and time of year of operation.

Whilst the variation in solar power and the change in length of night are determinable it is adding to these factors to the variation in wind speed and altitude based on years of real, measured data that makes PHAST essential to the development and assessment of high altitude, long endurance operations.