Year in Industry and Summer Internships

Prismatic has opportunities for several 12 Month Internships and 2 to 12-week work experience placements supporting the PHASA-35TM and LASA-5TM Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research and Development programme.

Internships / industrial placements will be within a small team targeted at specific UAV products with the aim of completing a Research and Development (R+D) and flight demonstrations in the UK and overseas.

Placements are open to any practically minded Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) undergraduate students with a desire to develop software  and / or build real hardware for UAV systems, who have an interest in the application of technologies in the following areas:

  • Small UAV model aircraft systems e.g. propulsion, servo-mechanisms, receiver/transmitters, autopilots, command and control etc
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Software development
  • Electronics development
  • High efficiency low speed wing design and fabrication
  • Lightweight optical imaging systems
  • Lightweight instrumentation systems
  • Low Reynolds number aerodynamics
  • Propeller design
  • Lightweight Kevlar / glass fibre / carbon structures
  • Flight test and evaluation
  • Flight control System design

Holding a PPL (Private Pilot’s License) is advantageous but not necessary.

The longer term industrial placements are planned to run from July to Sept 2022 for approximately one year. The nominal working week is 37.5 hours with flexitime, leave is typically 4-6 weeks dependent upon circumstances such as study / educational needs.

Short term work experience can be arranged at any time.

All placements are at our facility in Alton, Hampshire, UK.

If you are interested, please email to discuss or send your CV and cover letter to:

No experience is necessary.

Deadline for applications is 15th March 2021