Software Development - it's not just an office job!

Software Development - it's not just an office job!

James, one of Prismatic’s software developers, has recently spent a week with the team at the ATLAS flight test centre in Spain trialling the LASA 5 UAV. 

James the software developer on the LASA 5 project has developed and coded all the software required to make the LASA5 UAV operate. From the interfaces between all the avionics, to the software interface and user dashboard for the novel active camouflage light system. 

During the trial, James was an integral part of the GCS team, and payload manager during the payload experiments. 

Speaking about the trial and working at Prismatic, James said “Working in software development at Prismatic allows me to work at all levels of the system, from embedded code, user interface to  integration. I also get out from the office to test the software in the users environment and participate in flight trials using the software I have developed”


Prismatic have an openings for several software developers, so if you want to be involved in  cutting edge R&D and escape the office, visit our Careers page.  

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