Prismatic flies again!

Prismatic flies again!

Prismatic’s PHASE-8 HALE UAV Reynolds scale test vehicle has successfully validated the flight performance of the PHASA-35™ solar powered High Altitude, Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (HALE UAV).

“This is the last major piece of validation we required before building the full-scale PHASA-35”, explained Prismatic’s Engineering Director, Jonathan Dixon, “We have already built and tested full-scale structural pieces to ensure we can meet the strength, stiffness and mass requirements and we have tested batteries – for over 120 days – to show we can store enough energy overnight within the mass budget. Now we have confirmed how much power the aircraft will need to fly.”

The two-hour flight allowed a large number of tests of performance including unpowered glides at different airspeeds, flight power and total energy usage. Darryl Sergison, CTO of Prismatic explained the need for such long duration testing, “We are trying to measure very small effects – in an unpowered glide PHASE-8 descends less than 30m over a 1km flight – so every slight variation in terrain, wind, direction, configuration, speed is significant and we need to do many, repeating tests, then vary one parameter at a time ….and then repeat.”

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