Prismatic completes first two PHASA-35 HALE UAVs

Prismatic completes first two PHASA-35 HALE UAVs

On 20th April 2018, Prismatic contracted with BAE Systems to build and deliver two, full scale, PHASA-35 35m wingpsan, solar powered, high altitude, long endurance (HALE ) UAVs, with delivery of the first aircraft by end of July 2019 and the second complete flight model by end August 2019. Despite this involving the move to new premises, the increase in team size to 40 staff and the first-off build of two brand new aircraft, on Wednesday 31st July 2019, Flight Model 1 (FM1) was delivered to BAES Warton in Lancashire and on Monday 2nd September 2019 – the first business day after the end of August, FM2, was shipped from our premises in Hampshire to BAE.

From empty hangar….

…to tested aircraft…

…to delivery in 15  months

Both aircraft have completed full structural testing and a demanding 3 day duration “Soak” test, where the systems – including power, batteries, ground control and the RF link used to communicated with the aircraft at ranges of up to 400km  – are operated exactly as they would be in flight.

Prismatic would like to thanks it staff, its suppliers and BAE itself for ensuring that this project was completed successfully on time and to the satisfaction of one of the World’s leading defence and aerospace companies. Such successes are only achieved with the closest of cooperation and understanding.

We now look forward to supporting BAE with the flight test of these prototype vehicles prior to the rapid move to production and operation of these wonderful aircraft.

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