LASA 5 Trial comes to an end

LASA 5 Trial comes to an end

The LASA 5 team have completed their first ATLAS flight campaign. A full week of flying two versions of the craft, characterising its flight, testing the auto flying systems and testing payloads completed. 

Speaking about the trial, Jonathan Peters (Trials officer and PM) said….

“ The Atlas trial was a great success with a very competent and enthusiastic, yet inexperienced trials team. The team ethos and willingness to step out of their comfort zone to achieve a successful trial was outstanding. In a week long campaign we successfully flew 9 flights, split between LASA V1 and V2 aircraft and achieved 14 hours of flight time. This included a 3 hour 20 minute endurance flight with the new V2 platform. I am looking forward to further flight trials with this team. ”

The LASA5 V1 completing an automatic landing. One of the areas testing during the week long flight campaign. 

Numerous trials were made characterising the automatic flight software in real world conditions and some quite challenging winds and air currents!

A new light system on the wings was tested – assessing whether the lights were able to reduce the visibility of the craft. 

The craft were also assessed as to how much glint they produced as they flew in a circuit around the site. 

A rail system is used along with auto take off – to successfully launch during the flight campaign. 



We were not the only fliers enjoying the conditions in Spain. We were joined by Griffon vultures and buzzards for some of the flights!

An finally, this little gecko – who we christened ‘LASA’ wanted to come back with us – don’t worry he is safe and sound in his home. 

A tired, happy team returns home with lots of data to work on. 

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