LASA 5 Takes off - ATLAS Flight Trial May 2021

LASA 5 Takes off - ATLAS Flight Trial May 2021

May 2021 – A small team of Prismatic Engineers travel to the ATLAS flight centre to perform flight tests on two versions of the LASA 5 UAV.  

The LASA 5 is a high efficiency, low observability long duration UAV for quiet unobtrusive monitoring and support.  The latest trials were to test a new payload for monitoring of targets and assess the observability of the platform. In addition, numerous flight scenarios were conducted to test out automatic flight, including take off and landing. 

Starting before dawn to make the most of the weather conditions, the LASA 5 craft were put through their paces.  The team were able to get from arriving on site to in the air within just 30 mins with a slick efficient operation. Although tiring, the flight trials are highly rewarding, being able to observe the hard work in the development of the structure, avionics, software and the ground segment making it into the air. 

Further articles will be published over the coming days. 

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