Flying start for Prismatic BAE secondees

Flying start for Prismatic BAE secondees

Prismatic today completed the final flight acceptance testing of the PHASE-8 Reynolds scale vehicle for BAES. The vehicle’s maiden flight successfully exercised the full automatic operation of the aircraft during a 3 hour flight before being successfully returned to the ground for delivery to BAES. Our new secondees from BAES took the opportunity to get up before dawn to get hands on experience in the flight and operation of this scale version of the PHASA-35 HALE UAV currently being built by Prismatic for BAES as part of their ongoing collaboration.

“It was fantastic to be a part of the P8-4 acceptance testing for BAE on the day and helping set up site the night before,” said Will Edmondson,”After only a week and a half in the company seeing the work I had done on the aircraft itself and then watching it flying above our heads was enormously rewarding. Being a part of the P8 operation was a great opportunity and I look forward to the experience with PHASA-35 in the future.”

Khadijah Ismail added,”Second week…second day and I witnessed my first flight trial! It was incredible to see the graceful flight of the P8-4. Participating in the pre-flight safety checks, filming the launch/landing and watching the changeover from manual to autopilot made waking up before dawn and a day spent in the cold well worth it! 😊

Not to be left out, Arjun Mistry started his second week at Prismatic  supporting BAES’ manufacturing team with a visit to some of Prismatic’s key suppliers and will be undertaking the next phase of structural testing before the Christmas break.

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