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About Us

Prismatic started working with un-crewed stratospheric air systems in 2011, formed by a team with experience in these systems reaching back to the early 2000s. Its years of experience led to the start of development of PHASA-35, a solar-powered, high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft (Solar HALE). BAE Systems started working with Prismatic in 2017, forging a relationship which helped accelerate the initial development of PHASA-35, leading to a successful maiden flight of PHASA-35 in early 2020. The relationship strengthened leading to the completion of the acquisition of Prismatic by BAE Systems in 2021.

Prismatic works closely with our customers and other businesses within BAE Systems, continuing the exciting development of the PHASA-35 platform.

Prismatic is a member of the HAPS Alliance, a coalition of leading voices in the HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station) industry.

Bob Davidson


Mike O’Connor


Andrew James


Gary Bootle

Gary Bootle

Head of Flight Operations

Lisa Callaghan

Head of Human Resources

Michelle Copeland

Head of Commercial

Graham Holland

Chief Engineer

Tom Neville

Tom Neville

Head of Engineering

Chris Roberts

Head of Programme and Future Projects